Our pieces are machine knitted, sewn and finished by hand, therefore they are delicate. As a result, special care is required. We recommend following our wash and care instructions for better maintenance and contribute to lengthen its useful life.


A guide for special care

1. Wash

Turn inside-out. Hand wash (preferably) or machine wash (gentle spin) at 30°C or below with similar colors. Consider using alcohol-free eco-deterge...

2. Dry

Do not wring. Dry flat, if possible in the shade. Colors may fade if left in the sun and the elastic recycled fibers may deteriorate faster. 

3. Steam

No need to iron but if needed, lower the temperature and preferably use a steamer.

4. Store

Store the knits in a flat position. Hanging our knits will, more often than not, stretch the shoulder and neck area, and the piece will wrap out of...
Quick Q's

How often should I wash my knits?

We recommend washing your clothes after four to five uses. When it needs to be refreshed, just let it air out on a flat surface overnight, like you would do with a wool sweater.

How do I stop my knitwear from pilling?

The washing machine naturally causes a lot of friction between your clothes. So we firmly believe in hand washing and refreshing the knits.
However, if you have to use the washing machine, turn your clothes inside out, they will be much less fragile. Prefer to put them in a special bag for fragile textiles in order to reduce friction between the materials as much as possible. If you don't have a laundry net, pillowcases will also do the trick. By following these instructions you ensure the integrity of your garment's texture and appearance (and will prevent fabric pilling).